Quick Facts pages provide summaries of key pension plan data — including assets, funding, investments and membership — overtime.


National Summary

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By Retirement System

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State Retirement System Name
AK Alaska Public Employees Retirement System
AK Alaska Teachers Retirement System
AK Anchorage Police and Fire Retirement System
AK Arkansas Police and Fire
AL Alabama ERS
AL Alabama Teachers
AL Birmingham Police and Fire
AL Birmingham Retirement & Relief System
AR Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System
AR Arkansas Teachers Retirement System
AR Little Rock Firemen
AZ Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
AZ Arizona State Retirement System
AZ Phoenix Employees' Retirement System
AZ Tucson Supplemental Retirement System
CA Alameda County Employee's Retirement Association
CA California Public Employees Retirement System
CA California State Teachers Retirement System
CA Contra Costa County Employees' Retirement Association
CA Kern County Employees Retirement Association
CA Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System
CA Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association
CA Los Angeles Fire and Police
CA Los Angeles Water and Power
CA Orange County ERS
CA Sacramento County ERS
CA San Diego City ERS
CA San Diego County Employees Retirement Association
CA San Francisco City and County Retirement System
CA University of California Retirement System
CO Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association
CO Denver Employees Retirement Plan
CT Connecticut Municipal
CT Connecticut State Employees Retirement System
CT Connecticut Teachers Retirement Board
CT Hartford Municipal Employee Retirement Fund
DC District of Columbia Retirement Board
DE Delaware Public Employees Retirement System
DE New Castle County Pension Program
FL City of Miami Firefighters and Police Officers Retirement Trust
FL Florida Retirement System
FL Jacksonville General Employee Pension Plan
FL Jacksonville Police and Fire
FL Miami General and Sanitation Employees
GA Atlanta Fire
GA Atlanta General Employees Pension Fund
GA Atlanta Police Fund
GA Georgia Employees Retirement System
GA Georgia Teachers Retirement System
HI Hawaii Employees Retirement System
IA Des Moines Water Works
IA Iowa Municipal Fire and Police
IA Iowa Public Employees Retirement System
ID Idaho Public Employee Retirement System
IL Chicago Fire
IL Chicago Laborers
IL Chicago Municipal Employees
IL Chicago Police
IL Chicago Public School Teachers Pension and Retirement Fund
IL Cook County Employees
IL Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
IL Illinois State Retirement Systems
IL Illinois State Universities Retirement System
IL Illinois Teachers Retirement System
IN Indiana Public Employees Retirement System
IN Marion County Law Enforcement
KS Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
KS Wichita Retirement System
KY Kentucky Retirement Systems
KY Kentucky Teachers Retirement System
KY Lexington-Fayette County Policemen's and Firefighters' Retirement Fund
LA Baton Rouge City Parish Retirement System
LA Louisiana Municipal Employees
LA Louisiana Municipal Police
LA Louisiana Schools
LA Louisiana State Employees Retirement System
LA Louisiana State Parochial Employees
LA Louisiana Teachers Retirement System
LA New Orleans Employees' Retirement System
LA New Orleans Firefighters
MA Boston Retirement Board
MA Massachusetts State Employees' Retirement System
MA Massachusetts Teachers Retirement Board
MD Baltimore City Employees
MD Baltimore Fire and Police Employees Retirement System
MD Maryland State Retirement and Pension System
MD Montgomery County Employees Retirement System
ME Maine Public Employees Retirement System
MI Detroit Employees General Retirement System
MI Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System
MI Michigan State Employees Retirement System
MI Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Michigan
MN Minnesota Public Employees Retirement Association
MN Minnesota State Retirement System
MN Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association
MN St. Paul Teachers' Retirement Fund Association
MO Kansas City Fire
MO Kansas City Missouri Employees' Retirement System
MO Kansas City Police
MO Kansas City Schools
MO Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System
MO Missouri Public School and Education Employees Retirement Systems
MO Missouri State Employees Retirement System
MO MoDOT & Patrol Employees' Retirement System
MO St. Louis Employees
MO St. Louis Firemen
MO St. Louis Police
MO St. Louis Public School Retirement System
MS Mississippi Public Employees Retirement System
MT Montana Public Employees Retirement Board and Administration
MT Montana Teachers Retirement System
NC Charlotte (NC) Law Enforcement
NC Charlotte Firefighters' Retirement System
NC North Carolina Retirement Systems
ND Bismarck Employees' Pension Plan
ND Bismarck Police Plan
ND North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System
ND North Dakota Teachers Fund for Retirement
NE Nebraska Retirement Systems
NE Omaha ERS
NE Omaha Police and Fire Pension FundNew
NE Omaha School Employee Retirement System
NH Manchester Employees' Contributory Retirement System
NH New Hampshire Retirement System
NJ Jersey City Municipal Employees Pension Fund
NJ New Jersey Division of Pension and Benefits
NM New Mexico Educational Retirement Board
NM New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association
NV Nevada Public Employees Retirement System
NY New York City Educational
NY New York City Employees Retirement System
NY New York City Fire
NY New York City Police
NY New York City Teachers Retirement System
NY New York State and Local Retirement Systems
NY New York State Teachers Retirement System
OH Cincinnati Employees Retirement System
OH Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund
OH Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
OH Ohio School Employees Retirement System
OH Ohio State Teachers Retirement System
OK Oklahoma City Employee Retirement System
OK Oklahoma Fire
OK Oklahoma Municipal Employees
OK Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement System
OK Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System
OK Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System
OR Oregon Employees Retirement System
PA Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System
PA Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement System
PA Pennsylvania State Employees Retirement System
PA Philadelphia Municipal Retirement System
PA Pittsburgh Fire
PA Pittsburgh Municipal
PA Pittsburgh Policemen's Relief and Pension Fund
RI Providence Employees Retirement System
RI Rhode Island Employees Retirement System
SC Greenville Fire Pension Plan
SC South Carolina Retirement Systems
SD Sioux Falls ERS
SD Sioux Falls Fire
SD South Dakota Retirement System
TN Knox County Teachers' DB Plan
TN Nashville-Davidson Metropolitan Employees Benefit Trust Fund
TN Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
TX Austin Employees' Retirement System
TX Austin Fire
TX Austin Police
TX Dallas ERS
TX Dallas Police and Fire
TX Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund
TX Houston Municipal
TX Houston Police
TX Teacher Retirement System of Texas
TX Texas County & District Retirement System
TX Texas Employees Retirement System
TX Texas Municipal Retirement System
UT Utah Retirement Systems
VA Educational Employees' Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County
VA Fairfax County Employees' Retirement System
VA Fairfax County Police
VA Fairfax County Uniformed
VA Virginia Retirement System
VT Burlington ERS
VT Vermont Municipal Employees
VT Vermont State Employees Retirement System
VT Vermont Teachers Retirement System
WA Seattle Employees Retirement System
WA Washington Department of Retirement Systems
WI Milwaukee City ERS
WI Milwaukee County Employees Retirement System
WI Wisconsin Retirement System
WV Charleston (WV) Police
WV Charleston, WV Firemen's Pension
WV West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board
WY Wyoming Retirement System


By Pension Plan

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State Plan Name
Alabama Alabama ERS
Alabama Alabama Teachers
Alabama Birmingham Police and Fire
Alabama Birmingham RRS
Alaska Alaska PERS
Alaska Alaska Teachers
Alaska Anchorage Police and Fire
Arizona Arizona Public Safety
Arizona Arizona SRS
Arizona Arizona State Corrections Officers
Arizona Phoenix ERS
Arizona Tucson Supplemental RS
Arkansas Arkansas PERS
Arkansas Arkansas Police and Fire
Arkansas Arkansas Teachers
Arkansas Little Rock Firemen
California Alameda County ERS
California California PERF
California California Teachers
California Contra Costa County
California Kern County ERS
California LA County ERS
California Los Angeles ERS
California Los Angeles Fire and Police
California Los Angeles Water and Power
California Orange County ERS
California Sacramento County ERS
California San Diego City ERS
California San Diego County
California San Francisco City & County
California University of California
Colorado Colorado Municipal
Colorado Colorado School
Colorado Colorado State
Colorado Denver Employees
Colorado Denver Schools
Connecticut Connecticut Municipal
Connecticut Connecticut SERS
Connecticut Connecticut Teachers
Connecticut Hartford MERF
Delaware Delaware County and Municipal Employees
Delaware Delaware Police and Fire
Delaware Delaware State Employees
Delaware New Castle County Pension
District of Columbia DC Police & Fire
District of Columbia DC Teachers
Florida Florida RS
Florida Jacksonville ERS
Florida Jacksonville Police and Fire
Florida Miami Fire and Police
Florida Miami General and Sanitation Employees
Georgia Atlanta ERS
Georgia Atlanta Fire
Georgia Atlanta Police
Georgia Georgia ERS
Georgia Georgia Teachers
Hawaii Hawaii ERS
Idaho Idaho PERS
Illinois Chicago Fire
Illinois Chicago Laborers
Illinois Chicago Municipal
Illinois Chicago Police
Illinois Chicago Teachers
Illinois Cook County ERS
Illinois Illinois Municipal
Illinois Illinois SERS
Illinois Illinois Teachers
Illinois Illinois Universities
Indiana Indiana PERF
Indiana Indiana Teachers
Indiana Marion County Sheriff Retirement Plan
Iowa Des Moines Water Works
Iowa Iowa Municipal Fire and Police
Iowa Iowa PERS
Kansas Kansas PERS
Kansas Wichita ERS
Kansas Wichita Police and Fire
Kentucky Kentucky County
Kentucky Kentucky ERS
Kentucky Kentucky Teachers
Kentucky Lexington-Fayette County Police and Fire
Louisiana Baton Rouge City-Parish ERS
Louisiana Louisiana Municipal Employees
Louisiana Louisiana Municipal Police
Louisiana Louisiana Parochial Employees
Louisiana Louisiana Schools
Louisiana Louisiana SERS
Louisiana Louisiana Teachers
Louisiana New Orleans ERS
Louisiana New Orleans Firefighters
Maine Maine Local
Maine Maine State and Teacher
Maryland Baltimore City Employees
Maryland Baltimore Fire and Police
Maryland Maryland PERS
Maryland Maryland Teachers
Maryland Montgomery County (MD) ERS
Massachusetts Boston RS
Massachusetts Massachusetts SRS
Massachusetts Massachusetts Teachers
Michigan Detroit General RS
Michigan Detroit Police and Fire
Michigan Michigan Municipal
Michigan Michigan Public Schools
Michigan Michigan SERS
Minnesota Duluth Teachers
Minnesota Minneapolis ERF
Minnesota Minnesota GERF
Minnesota Minnesota Police and Fire
Minnesota Minnesota State Employees
Minnesota Minnesota Teachers
Minnesota St. Paul Teachers
Mississippi Mississippi PERS
Missouri Kansas City (MO) Civilian
Missouri Kansas City (MO) ERS
Missouri Kansas City (MO) Fire
Missouri Kansas City (MO) Police
Missouri Kansas City (MO) Schools
Missouri Missouri DOT and Highway
Missouri Missouri Local
Missouri Missouri PEERS
Missouri Missouri State Employees
Missouri Missouri Teachers
Missouri St. Louis Employees
Missouri St. Louis Firemen
Missouri St. Louis Police
Missouri St. Louis School Employees
Montana Montana PERS
Montana Montana Teachers
Nebraska Nebraska Schools
Nebraska Omaha ERS
Nebraska Omaha Police and Fire
Nebraska Omaha School
Nevada Nevada Police Officer and Firefighter
Nevada Nevada Regular Employees
New Hampshire Manchester ERS
New Hampshire New Hampshire RS
New Jersey Jersey City Municipal Employees
New Jersey New Jersey PERS
New Jersey New Jersey Police & Fire
New Jersey New Jersey Teachers
New Mexico New Mexico Educational
New Mexico New Mexico PERA
New York New York City Educational
New York New York City ERS
New York New York City Fire
New York New York City Police
New York New York City Teachers
New York New York State Teachers
New York NY State & Local ERS
New York NY State & Local Police & Fire
North Carolina Charlotte (NC) Firefighters' RS
North Carolina Charlotte (NC) Law Enforcement
North Carolina North Carolina Local Government
North Carolina North Carolina Teachers and State Employees
North Dakota Bismarck Employees' Pension Plan
North Dakota Bismarck Police Plan
North Dakota North Dakota PERS
North Dakota North Dakota Teachers
Ohio Cincinnati ERS
Ohio Ohio PERS
Ohio Ohio Police & Fire
Ohio Ohio School Employees
Ohio Ohio Teachers
Oklahoma Oklahoma City ERS
Oklahoma Oklahoma Fire
Oklahoma Oklahoma Municipal Employees
Oklahoma Oklahoma PERS
Oklahoma Oklahoma Police
Oklahoma Oklahoma Teachers
Oregon Oregon PERS
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Municipal
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania School Employees
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State ERS
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Municipal
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Fire
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Municipal
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Police
Rhode Island Providence ERS
Rhode Island Rhode Island Municipal
Rhode Island Rhode Island State and Teacher
South Carolina Greenville Fire Pension Plan
South Carolina South Carolina Police
South Carolina South Carolina RS
South Dakota Sioux Falls ERS
South Dakota Sioux Falls Fire
South Dakota South Dakota RS
Tennessee Knox County Teachers' DB Plan
Tennessee Nashville-Davidson ERS
Tennessee TN Political Subdivisions
Tennessee TN State and Teachers
Texas Austin ERS
Texas Austin Fire
Texas Austin Police
Texas Dallas ERS
Texas Dallas Police and Fire
Texas Houston Firefighters
Texas Houston Municipal
Texas Houston Police
Texas Texas County & District
Texas Texas ERS
Texas Texas LECOS
Texas Texas Municipal
Texas Texas Teachers
Utah Utah Noncontributory
Utah Utah Public Safety
Vermont Burlington (VT) ERS
Vermont Vermont Municipal Employees
Vermont Vermont State Employees
Vermont Vermont Teachers
Virginia Fairfax County (VA) ERS
Virginia Fairfax County Police
Virginia Fairfax County Schools
Virginia Fairfax County Uniformed
Virginia Virginia RS
Washington Seattle ERS
Washington Washington LEOFF Plan 2
Washington Washington PERS 2/3
Washington Washington School Employees Plan 2/3
Washington Washington Teachers Plan 2/3
West Virginia Charleston (WV) Firemen
West Virginia Charleston (WV) Police
West Virginia West Virginia PERS
West Virginia West Virginia Teachers
Wisconsin Milwaukee City ERS
Wisconsin Milwaukee County ERS
Wisconsin Wisconsin RS
Wyoming Wyoming Public Employees